The Formula E learning curve

Being one of Formula E's most iconic drivers, Jean-Éric Vergne came a long win to take the Drivers' Championship. How important was this process for the Frenchman winning campaign? Four years can be a very long time in the lives of many, or a quick span for others. But for Formula E, in these four … Continúa leyendo The Formula E learning curve


My Racing Journey: Ellen Lohr

Motorsports have seen many women compete in various series; some of them have succeeded and written their names into the history of racing. Ellen Lohr is one of them, a versatile and skilled racer who still races in a variety of categories. I caught up with the German to review her racing career. These days, … Continúa leyendo My Racing Journey: Ellen Lohr

Weird racing questions we all have been asked

As somebody who works within the racing world, I have grown used of receiving mixed reactions from people when I inform them what is my job. Funny -and pretty weird questions, are not uncommon, so I chose the most awkward ones and tried to answer them. Coming from a country with little racing heritage, means … Continúa leyendo Weird racing questions we all have been asked

What makes BrazilianGrit, gritty?

Earlier this year, I interviewed Natalia, a future racing star from Brazil. From this month onwards, Natalia -who likes to be called "BrazilianGrit", will have her own column, givinga driver's persepective in today's racing world. The name BrazilianGrit came as an inspiration from "AussieGrit", former racing driver Mark Webber, who fought very hard through his … Continúa leyendo What makes BrazilianGrit, gritty?

Old-school is always cool

After years of being almost forgotten, this year the Triple Crown of Motorsports tempted F1 star Fernando Alonso to attempt to achieve the second leg of it. Thanks to this, many racing fanatics - me included - paid attention again to this old-school concept, where drivers are in pursuit of the glory and prestige that … Continúa leyendo Old-school is always cool

Mark Schneider: “Formula E is a big family”

ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport’s successes are not only on track; three seasons in Formula E have been more than enough to demonstrate that the team is a clear fan favourite. Mark Schneider is the man behind this; I caught up with him during this year’s Buenos Aires ePrix to discuss his role within the team. … Continúa leyendo Mark Schneider: “Formula E is a big family”

Of big names and electric ventures

Whenever the name ‘Andretti’ comes up in the racing world, it is generally mentioned with acclaim. Roger Griffiths is no stranger to this and knows exactly why. I caught up with MS Amlin Andretti’s Co-Team Principal to talk about what this big name truly means. When the very first Formula E race kicked off in … Continúa leyendo Of big names and electric ventures

Mónaco: cuando los sueños se hacen realidad

Si me hubiesen dicho que con dieciséis años iba a estar trabajando en una carrera en Mónaco, nunca lo hubiera creído. Sin embargo, todo llega a su tiempo, y es el esmero y las ganas lo que hacen esto posible. Aquí está mi historia de como fui parte del Monaco ePrix hace algunas semanas Ya en … Continúa leyendo Mónaco: cuando los sueños se hacen realidad

Tom Spencer: Life as a motorsports PR

When we follow certain sport closely, one of the things we wish the most is knowing the latest news about our favourites and let them know how much we support you. Racing is not an exception to this, and PRs are the people who make this possible. “Two key assets for any PR are the … Continúa leyendo Tom Spencer: Life as a motorsports PR

Rebecca Storey: blogging and coexisting with racing

Racing englobes many things: passion, speed, fans, but also families and relationships, among many others. This time, I talked with Rebecca Storey, Tom Blomqvist's partner, about her views on racing and her activity as a blogger. People normally wonder what are drivers' partners' points of view in racing and which role it plays on their … Continúa leyendo Rebecca Storey: blogging and coexisting with racing